We are committed to the region in which we operate. Our presence in Schramberg demonstrates our commitment to the location, to long-term business relations and to safeguarding jobs.


ENGESER demonstrates its commitment in a number of different ways. Here is a small selection of the projects we support:


Social commitment

In accordance with the motto “Every child needs a future”, ENGESER supports the St. Franziskus Foundation in Heiligenbronn with the "Wir machen Schule, machen Sie mit” project. The project aims to build a school in order to give children with hearing or visual impairments a new perspective on life. The foundation has received donations totalling 42,000 euros from 14 participating companies, each of which has contributed 3,000 euros.


ENGESER has been supporting the St. Fran¬zis¬kus Foundation for many years now, as we firmly believe that we can make a difference. We take a personal interest in the development of the organisation and its projects (helped by our geographical proximity to the foundation).

Sporting commitment

ENGESER’s commitment to sports is a logical consequence of our sense of fair play, which is firmly established in our corporate culture. We support the Sportverein 1921 Waldmössingen e.V., a local club that, in recent decades, has joined the regional football league. Apart from football, where it is most active, the SVW offers a wide range of other recreational and popular sports activities.

Sports clubs, sports facilities and sporting events play a major role in towns, cities and communities. Above all, the social aspect of youth work plays a key role. ENGESER supports youth work in particular by sponsoring sports kits and investing in infrastructure.

Help, promote, support

Since the foundation of the company, this principle has been an integral part of ENGESER's company philosophy and has been actively pursued alongside the everyday business.


Not only do we live in a region, we are also part of that region. For us, this means assuming responsibility. Not only for our employees, but also for our environment. This is why ENGESER supports local projects and organisations.





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