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Cables always play a part when building the bridge between user and device – ranging from simple, pre-assembled cables to complex assemblies. Using high-tech machinery and processes, ENGESER automatically machines, cuts, twists and tins stranded wire with a diameter ranging from 0.08 mm2 to 150 mm2. Crimp contacts or ferrules are then pressed and, on request, further processed to create ready-to-install cable harnesses. We process components from all manufacturers using more than 750 of our own tools.


The products of ENGESER Verbindungstechnik at a glance:
  • Single stranded wire
  • Light plastic-sheathed cables
  • Ribbon cables
  • Stranded wire and cable sets
  • Cable harnesses
  • Assemblies
  • Optical fibres
  • Switching cable sets

Oliver Helmke

Sales Director

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Telephone: +49 7402 9201-210


Developing new projects also requires continued investments in new technologies.

ENGESER manufactures technical plastic parts to drawing specifications in state of the art manufacturing plants. We offer our customers optimum support when designing plastic parts.

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The fully automated production of all ferrules up to 150.00 mm² and the use of state-of-the-art automatic packaging machines make ENGESER the market leader in ferrule technology.

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Customer-oriented system solutions for economical production runs in different industries.
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