ENGESER thinks differently

This sounds like a typical ENGESER customer story.

It was in a fairly large industrial company in the south-west of Germany. The project manager said: “By Monday, I want to know what the cable harness looks like and how much it costs.” I was a little queasy. Plan the whole cable harness? There wasn’t enough time for that. Luckily, the electrical details were clarified. Now what? Then it clicked. There was this cable manufacturer on the edge of the Black Forest. Can they do it? Can they plan faster than others? So you contacted ENGESER in Waldmössingen. They understood you right away. It was the beginning of an electrifying, fair relationship.

At ENGESER, you feel like you are among colleagues.

People help each other out – often on the spot. You work together on a handshake. You know each other well, because ENGESER people rarely change. One contact person is assigned to your project and accompanies it from A to Z. That creates trust.

Once the material prices have been clarified, you will receive the first calculation within 48 hours. You haven’t even specified all the requirements yet. At ENGESER, they already pull a finished or almost finished idea out of the drawer. And maybe the very next Monday you’ll be holding the prototype in your hands or releasing it for production.

You can feel it: They think faster. They think with you. They think differently. That must be due to the good atmosphere of the family business. The fresh air up in Waldmössingen. The enthusiasm for engineering and experimentation. The modern school of cable assembly is at home here.

Now let us get more specific. These are the 15 unique selling propositions of ENGESER as a cable assembler and manufacturer of wire-end ferrules.


Single contact

ENGESER accompanies you all the way from pre-development to the delivery of the cable harness to your line.



Thought yesterday, handled today. That’s how it works here. Customer projects start “on the fly”. Wire end ferrules arrive overnight.


Mixed calculation

Our own factories in the Czech Republic and Romania enable cost-effective delivery and mixed costing in line with the market.



Flat hierarchies, short routes. The day begins with the 8 o’clock meeting. On a daily basis, the sales team discusses upcoming topics, challenges and opportunities.



The specialist knowledge goes far beyond assembling products. Special fields: Plastics technology, extrusion coating, braiding.


One Stop Shop

All relevant processes from cable processing and assembly to packaging take place under one roof.



At ENGESER, they also look at new technologies and niches outside their product world. Useful ideas are integrated.



ENGESER develops, designs, tests, manufactures and – on top of that – provides support, e.g. in procurement, optimisation, automation.



As a medium-sized company that stands on two healthy legs and serves many industries, ENGESER is a stable partner in the long term.



ENGESER makes advance investments in tools, machines, prototypes, tests, processes and technologies.



Only the best is good enough. We use machines from Komax, Schleuniger, Arburg, Werner Wirth, Babyplast.


Supply Chain

Always ready for delivery thanks to the high-bay warehouse at our headquarters and direct deliveries from our own factories in the Czech Republic and Romania.



Testing systems developed in-house, shared responsibility and sophisticated software enhance quality management.



ENGESER goes digital. Either in CRM or for testing, documentation and quality assurance.



Welcome to a real family business that is growing steadily, makes decisions quickly and offers attractive jobs.

ENGESER thinks like this

  • Fast
  • New
  • Big
  • Further
  • Initiative
  • Visionary
  • Collegial
  • Long-term
  • Independent
  • Open to technology

The modern school of cable assembly is at home here. And everything is from one source here. Find out more about the strengths of ENGESER.