We are Swabian-International!

“More than 950 ENGESER employees make up our team at locations in Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and the USA. The know-how of our team is decisive for our innovative success. Through the sustainable growth of the company, each of our locations stands for the highest quality and diverse technologies.”

Steffen Engeser, Managing Partner of the ENGESER Group of Companies


ENGESER in Germany

Schramberg location

The ENGESER headquarters are located in Schramberg-Waldmössingen, Baden-Württemberg – on the edge of the Black Forest. This is where the success story began in 1983. Since Karin and Gerhard Engeser founded the company in their garage, the site has expanded to a total of approx. 8,800 square metres. All corporate functions and departments such as development, sales, IT and financial accounting are controlled from here.

Constance location

Our second German location is a stone’s throw away from the Swiss border – Keller Electronics GmbH in Constance on the beautiful Lake Constance. Keller Electronics GmbH has been part of our group of companies since 2013 and is a true cable specialist for small to medium batch sizes. We manufacture cable assembly products of any complexity for different types of industries.

ENGESER in Romania

Location in Lipova

Since the founding of ENGESER SRL in 2015, our location in the beautiful town of Lipova has been growing and thriving. Initially, we simply produced cable assemblies in rented premises. From 2018, we then laid the foundation stone for the expansion of the location in a newly built plant. On 2,500 sqm, we manufacture the full range of cable assembly products to the same quality standard as in the German plants.

The municipality of Lipova is located 34 kilometres east of the county capital Arad. Not far from the Hungarian border and with short distances to Arad or Timişoara (international airport), our production site has good transport connections.

ENGESER in the Czech Republic

Havlíčkův Brod location

Within the scope of a joint venture, we started our first production at a foreign location in 2001. Within a few years, the location developed to become an important component of our corporate group. In 2009, we asserted our independence under the ENGESER s.r.o. name and our manufacturing expertise grew steadily. This was followed by several building extensions, resulting in today’s approx. 5,500 sqm for production, warehouse and administration.

Due to the nearby motorway, our production location is easily accessible from both the west and east. For us, the logistics centre of ENGESER s.r.o. also serves as a point for the transfer of goods between our locations in Germany and Romania.


Charleston location

In 2022, the ENGESER Group opened a new location on the east coast of the USA, near the port city of Charleston in the state of South Carolina. 25 employees work on an area of 1,150 square meters at the new production site in Summerville in the areas of production, logistics and sales. The opening of the new plant is an important step in the company’s global expansion and provides a strategic location to meet the growing demand for cable assembly products from both European customers with overseas plants and American customers in the US. By producing locally, we offer our partners the added value of reduced logistics costs and greater delivery flexibility.




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