Smart kitchen: It’s the mix that makes it ;-)



Smart kitchen: It’s the mix that makes it ;-)

Everything is Engeser. You as well? They have a new way of thinking. They are forward thinking.

They know what I need before I do.

Cable assembly

Plug & Play. Unpack, insert and the music already plays! And that is what you do with your wiring harness now. With cable assemblies made by ENGESER you can easily bring your project forward. The team at ENGESER knows how to do it.


Cabling products are at the heart of all kinds of mechanical devices. We offer more than simply individual components – we assemble modules to make sure the product is ready to just slot into your project.

Injection-moulded parts

Freeform injection-moulded plastic parts as well as overmoulding technology for metal-plastic joints - a field in which we can demonstrate specialist knowledge to meet even difficult customer requirements. Seamless mass production, quickly.

Wire-end ferrules

You need uncompromising quality from ferrules for industrial use. That is why you want ferrules made by ENGESER. And, of course, ENGESER’s high-bay warehouse is always sufficiently stocked.

Enthusiasm for engineering

The modern school of cable assembly is at home here. The driving force is: enthusiasm for engineering. Think fast, think things through, think ahead, invest. And everything is from one source here. Find out more about the strengths of ENGESER.


Good contact to the best solution

With cable assembly, it’s all about good contacts and connections. ENGESER links these in many trades, markets and industrial projects. Experience, knowledge and synergies are generated from the contacts. Profit from these as an ENGESER customer.

Wide range of products

The ENGESER product world ranges from cable braiding with 0.08 mm2 to 240 mm2 to special cables, cable harnesses and switch harnesses that are ready-to-install. For your project, together we will choose the suitable material, ideal plastic and appropriate processing.


High production integration

Experience has shown: high production integration combined with automation ensures the most efficient cable assembly. It extends to assembly on a 27-meter-long laying table. Special fields of ENGESER: technical plastic parts, recasting, extrusion coating, braiding.

Quality means responsibility

This is more than just measuring, checking and testing. Quality management at ENGESER means: Colleagues assume the full shared responsibility. They think things through. Every day they think about how they are able to optimise quality assurance for your next project.


Did you know …

… that our parts and components are being used worldwide? For example, in vehicles, kitchen appliances, fork lifts, lighting elements and a lot more.


A loyal family

Your industry knows ENGESER to be a long-standing, family-run business from Schramberg-Waldmössingen in Germany since 1983. We are loyal allies in cable assembly. The market rewards loyalty with increased demand. 950 ENGESER employees now want to support you too.




Work is going on here

“Those looking to get things done belong to the ENGESER team. As a trainee or manager, assembly staff or warehouse professional. It’s all about passionately creating the perfect wire harnesses and wire end ferrules. Flat hierarchies, short decision paths and fantastic coffee ensure for a good working climate. And by the way: we are on first-name terms!”

Carmen Brüstle, Human Resources Consultant
in Schramberg