Reliable contacts – made by ENGESER

Your trained eye tells you to always inspect a ferrule closely. You need uncompromising quality from ferrules for industrial use. The contacts have to carry electricity and signals for decades without loss. The connection between the conductor and the terminal has to be perfect.

You should therefore know everything about dimensions and materials, hardness, tensile strength and the electrical conductance of the pin. How durable is the insulating collar and what plastic is it made of? How will the ferrules fare if the system is rewired several times? How will they stand up to vibrations or to moist, salty or hot environments?

These are all technicalities but they are worthy of the team’s concentrated attention at ENGESER GmbH Kabeltechnik in Waldmössingen. We believe that ferrules are high-performance technical products. That is what has made ENGESER one of the world’s top manufacturers of ferrules. We also understand that ferrules are mass-production items and, though this is not the focus, we keep vast quantities in stock. Find out all about ENGESER’s ferrule range here.


Ferrules directly from the manufacturer

For industrial needs, ENGESER provides ferrules directly from the factory and warehouse at Waldmössingen. Our portfolio features ferrules in 300 standard sizes, shapes and colours with cross-sections from 0.08 mm² to 240 mm². At ENGESER, we are also able to provide ferrules with custom dimensions according to your specifications or even plastic parts such as insulating collars based on drawings.

You can view all of our certifications and proof that we meet the required standards and have passed testing on the following page: Overview of ENGESER quality.

You can find details of our full range in our product catalogue

  • Insulated single ferrules
  • Insulated twin ferrules
  • Insulated ferrules in strips and on reels
  • Ferrules for short-circuit-proof and ground-fault-proof cabling
  • Uninsulated ferrules
  • Ferrules in assortment boxes
  • Tools


Short-circuit-proof ferrules

  • Specifications as single ferrules; plus:
  • Insulating collar for short-circuit-proof and ground-fault-proof cabling up to 3 kV
  • Customized Packaging

Ferrules in strips and on reels

    • Specifications as single ferrules; plus:
    • Strips in sizes of 500 ferrules (pack 10×500)
    • Small reels in sizes of 500–1,100
    • Crimpstar reels in sizes of 2,500–4,000
    • Medium reels in sizes of 5,000–10,000.

Stripping and crimping tools

  • Tools to use with ferrules
  • Ergonomic stripping and crimping tools for solid and flexible conductors
  • Different crimping needs: Trapezoidal or square crimping

Ferrules are always available (currently restricted by material bottlenecks)

Guaranteed. Any warehouse or catalogue products are always available immediately. ENGESER ensures adequate stock of all types of ferrule and guarantees quick delivery.

ENGESER manufactures uninsulated and insulated ferrules under controlled conditions at our headquarters in Waldmössingen. We use automation to ensure process-reliable manufacture 24 hours a day so that ENGESER is always ready to deliver.

Our high-bay warehouse at our headquarters enables our distribution partners to provide overnight delivery. Standard ferrule packs are dispatched on the same day when ordered by 10 am local time. This facilitates just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries.

Important: Sales are only made to distributors. This is non-negotiable. We can provide a list of our distribution partners around the world on request.


Ideally packed ferrules

Small batch, large batch or white label. Packaging tailored for your situation and your assembly line. These exclusive services are new additions to the ENGESER ferrule range.

The ENGESER team uses high-performance packing machines to deliver on almost any request, even with little notice. Here are a few of our options:

  • packs, bags and boxes printed to your specifications, e.g. with pictograms
  • Mono- or multilingual
  • With or without barcode
  • Bags with or without Euro-standard holes
  • Bags with resealable microsnap seal
  • Packaged in batches, individual bags or large pack sizes

Ready to ship from Schramberg to anywhere in the world.

“Quality, productivity, optimising existing technologies and developing new ones. At ENGESER, that is how we fill our days so that our flagship products, ferrules, are always the world leaders. We relish any challenge working alongside our distribution partners!”

Stefan Fricke, Managing Director at EGESER GmbH Kabeltechnik