That you can rely on

Your product must be free of faults from the first day. Zero tolerance applies in the industry of the 21st century more than ever. And we think the exact same. You can rely on us to work with 100% reliability for you and your project.

ENGESER has its quality management regularly checked and certified by a German inspection company. The certificate confirms the process safety in all production processes. We can provide you with the following verifications.






Certificates to download

IATF 16949 of the automobile industry


ISO 9001


Verifications for safety, material, testing methods

  • UL and CSA approbation, approval certificate for the Canadian and US market
  • CE marking
  • Compliance with the EU Directives 2002/96/EC (WEEE), 2002/95/EC (ROHS) and 2003/11/EC
  • Compliance with the relevant and latest standards, in particular the groups: DIN 46228 1-4, DIN EN 60947-1, EN 60352-2, DIN EN 61210, DIN EN 61238-1, NF C 63-023, UL 486F, C22.2 NO. 291-14

How quality management works

The ENGESER model of quality management deserves to be designated as exemplary and uncompromising. Together, we implement your additional quality requirements.

Your trust grows when you know who we are working with. ENGESER cooperates with the recognised testing specialists:

These are some of the partners we turn to for test devices for cable and cabling systems, calibration services and other services. In addition, there is also the quality management software from:

Quality and environmental policy

The quality and environmental policy includes our understanding of how to improve our services and the products we offer and how to reduce environmental influences with a focus on customer benefit.

Details about Qualitäts- und Umweltpolitik


ENGESER takes a compact, demand- and process-oriented approach to quality management. The colleagues assume shared responsibility. Every day they think about how they are able to improve quality standards for you. From incoming material to production and delivery, they inspect, measure and monitor each product for you. They support digital work flows, video surveillance and other test procedures.

An advanced automation makes the production processes more reliable, stable, reproducible and efficient. Kanban management contributes to organising lean, fast and cost-saving processes. It guarantees Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence deliveries.

ENGESER test procedure

Before we approve a product, it is subjected to a detailed test procedure. We test and monitor according to specifications – during and after production:

  • Function and passage
  • Short-circuit, high-voltage/voltage, EMC
  • Temperature resistance, leak tightness
  • Wear, hardness, adhesion
  • Tensile strength, pull-off forces, crimping force
  • Grinding pattern
  • Flexibility, bending radius
  • ppm rate

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