Engineering with instincts

What is my cable assembly, my wiring harness or my assembly going to look like? For your project, you need quick answers and real samples. However: development efforts must remain manageable.

At ENGESER, the finished or advanced idea may already be tucked away. How could that be? We think ahead and sense what the market of tomorrow needs. We invest in ideas, experiments, preliminary developments, technologies.

The driving force is: enthusiasm for engineering and for the modern school of cable assembly. Think ahead, think new, think independently!

This philosophy means that ENGESER has a versatile development platform available for you. It can integrate all your project requirements. This includes, amongst others:

  • smart, fast, shared development; with creative input for material selection, modularity, installation space, weight, ease of assembly
  • 3D printing and endurance testing of functional samples and prototypes; applies for tools, plastic parts, mechanical components, contacts
  • Draft and design of the testing equipment, test and laying boards from in-house production
  • Holistic planning through to the logistics and automation of your processes

The result is: Plug & Play. Within a short period, you will be provided with cable harnesses and assemblies ready for installation!


Maybe we’ll start with a small project or individual modules?
We’ll know whether there is a basis for partnership.

There is no risk for you. ENGESER does not demand any preliminary investment from the customer for operating material manufacturing and tool development.


Let us think further ahead, look at new and big objectives. You are sure to become a fan of ENGESER. Competent and responsible ENGESER colleagues have your back here. That makes communication and product management easier.

And there’s more: cable harnesses and cabling systems can almost always be optimised! Ask ENGESER how you can improve diameters, bending radii, bending cycles, weight, installation space, tensile or compressive behaviour, etc. We are always more than happy to help.

You will notice: development and design are unbeatable strengths of the cable assembly company ENGESER in Waldmössingen.