Smart cabling – made by ENGESER

You have already heard the words: Plug & Play. Unpack, insert and the music already plays! That’s what you do with your new, smart 88 inch Smart TV. With a smart e-car, you don’t even need to insert the key.

And what makes this convenience possible in the first place? The cable harness too only has to be unpacked and plugged in. You can get this kind of smart cable harness when you plan assembly with ENGESER.

We see ourselves as your partner when you need cables engineered and manufactured – so the team at ENGESER always puts your convenience first. Whether you happen to design and produce cars, excavators, electrical appliances, machines, solar systems or streetlights. In the development and production of cabling for your project, the first thing is the intelligent approach. Crimping, clamping, soldering or whatever … ENGESER masters virtually every process of cable assembly.

Find out about cable assembly from ENGESER in Waldmössingen. Learn all about our technologies, product worlds, production and supply offers, engineering and services.

Product world of cable assembly

The portfolio of ENGESER Verbindungstechnik comprises the following product groups, cable types and specifications. They are the “raw material” for the assembly and series production of your wiring harnesses, cable sets and modules.


Cable harnesses

The production of simple but also very complex cable harnesses definitely represents one of ENGESER’s core areas of expertise. A large number of different cables are combined into a cable harness and tied with cable ties or other components. Documentation with cut lengths and process descriptions always belong to every cable harness. Electrical test systems developed and built by ENGESER ensures consistently perfect quality.

Based on the Plug & Play principle, our cable harnesses are installed, for example, in commercial vehicles, medical equipment or commercial kitchen appliances.

Single stranded wires

  • for all application areas
  • Can be specified: cross-section 0.08 mm² bis 240 mm², length, print, labelling
  • Sheath made of PTFE, PUR, PVC, silicon, TFP, TPE etc.; with or without UL certification
  • Executable contacts:
    • twisted, tin-plated, compacted
    • standard or rotated contact
    • with wire-end ferrule, flat connector or double crimping
    • Sealing with or without seal and capillary barrier

Sheathed cables

  • for applications such as high-voltage lines, charge and battery technology, also available as coaxial cables
  • Can be specified: cross-section 10 mm2 up to 125 mm2, length, jacket material, print, labelling
  • mechanical shield processing
  • can be executed as bundled and coiled ring goods with defined diameters

Ribbon ribbon cables

  • typical applications: Printed circuit board connectors, Micro-Match, Sub-D connector, Wire To Board plug connection
  • Can be specified: cross-section, length, jacket, spacing, colour code, print, labelling
  • Pre-assembly options of the cable ends:
    • splayed or slitted
    • Punching
    • Intermediate insulation
    • Ferrite coating

Wires and cable sets

  • for the installation in any type of housing, pre-assembled ready to install
  • Can be specified: jacket, number of wires, length, spacing 1.27, spacing 2.5 or spacing 5
  • Implementation options:
    • with or without tape
    • double insulated wires for the switching in insulation displacement connectors

Switch cable sets

  • for the contacting of all types and sizes of switches, in particular of micro switches
  • patented procedure for the automatic connection of switch and cable
  • Implementation options:
    • pre-assembled ready to install
    • Crimp contact matched to PCB pin
    • lateral outlet, contacting by means of laser welding process
    • straight outlet, contacting by means of compaction welding or splice
    • Recasting: 2 component or TechnoMelt

Special cables

  • In addition to cables and connector systems conventional to the market, ENGESER offers special cables and special developments
  • Examples: HF or coaxial cables, foil cable, cables with oversize conductor cross-sections up to 240 mm2, individual crimp contacts, cable lugs carried out as ring, crimp or tube shoe
  • Special sizes and custom-fit technical injection-moulded plastic parts according to a drawing or common development

We love challenges!

We intensively address your specific requirements and are guaranteed to find cable solutions.